First Day

Update to blog 1

I am very interested in blogging, but have to admit a lack of experience, and as well of research on the subject. I’ve read others blogs and have seen how they have successful aligned themselves as experts and several educational site and online publications. I’ve marveled at their success, but have made no attempt to find out more. This course will push me to do so.

One thing I could use some assistance or advice in is how to encourage my site and district to lift many of their blocks on social media, etc. I know they will point to the lack of security and being able to monitor where the students “surf” as well as the greater chances of encountering a virus, etc.

As a leader, I need to first better educate myself about the possibilities. I could see blogging as a way to further my audience and expand my sphere of influence as I strive to better inform others about the importance of the arts in today’s fast moving world.

Here are some of my favorite educators:

Yong Zhoa:  He writes about the importance of creativity in the world economy and how over testing may raise test scores, but turns off students.

Ellen Winner et al. She along with others, such as Lois Hetland are researching and writing about what really matters in art education. some of my dissertation topic was inspired by their work at Boston College.

Lois Hetland: She has also been instrumental in the research on art education and what really matters. I love the blog I read in that she shares she s not a reliable blogger. I understand that, but unless you purposefully set the time aside, it can be days between postings.


Prior musings not related to the syllabus:

I’m still so new to this concept, but am actually really excited. I have wanted to create one for a long time. I have been working on writing books for quite a while. I like the idea of blogging, because it becomes a virtual work to record my musings without losing them. I’ve used sketchbooks, journals forever, since grade school, but am excited to try my hand with daily blogging. I’m also interested in finding ways that I can do this with my students in class. I could have them blog for the first 5 minutes of class instead of using the paper and pencil format I’ve been using.

I can see several of my book ideas beginning to take place. I have a murder mystery I’ve been writing for quite a while which I want to flesh out and work it toward completion. I’ve also been working on the framework for a novel about my grandmother that expands the work I did on her via my master’s degree called Grandma’s Secret. Plus my research for the my book about the St. John’s river and water rights.  And finally the idea I have on bringing the story of Mary Edwards Walker to fruition, perhaps as a screen play, about the first female congressional Metal of Honor recipient, who was later stripped of her metal, which she refused to return and was buried with it.




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